MealKing™ is interested in licensing its brand to global brand licensing agency or manufacturers specializing in extending brands through the strategic and creative development of licensed products. Brand licensing allows your business to achieve new product introductions without gearing up operationally for the task. If you are interested in licensing MealKing™ Brand, please feel free to email us

License MealKing™ Brand for your Restaurant or Fast Food Outlet.

Brand your Online Games and Cooking Shows & Awards with MealKing™ Brand. Develop a Cartoon Character Series too!

License MealKing™ Brand to introduce Shelf Stable Ready-to-Eat Food Products. 

Introduce Meal Preparation Kitchen Tools & Appliances, Cookware and Utensils branding them MealKing™

Manufacture custom Restaurant Supplies, Chefs, Cooks and Waiter Clothing and brand them MealKing™

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If you are interested in licensing our Trademark or interested in Co-operation with us, Please feel free to write back! 
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