MealKing is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of authentic all natural ready-to-eat cuisine since 1999.

In the late '90s Mrs. Hetal Patel's passion for good authentic cuisine gave birth to a hobby. Mrs. Patel had a passion for sharing the cuisine and culture from her homeland, even being a Microbiologist and having BS in Microbiology and Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) her love towards cooking drove her to start her own home-cooked food business.  She served up delicious food to friends and neighbors. Soon, small storeowners sought her abilities. As she worked in a Microbiology Lab on weekdays, she would work nights and weekends to satisfy her desire to make and serve high quality foods for the community. Many advised her to open a restaurant. She knew that the time required to run a restaurant would detract her from the family's need. For this reason, she opted not to start a restaurant.

In a short time her products became popular. As the business grew, she never lost sight of producing authentic, quality products. No short cuts were taken that would compromise the quality of the products. Her concern and personal interest for the well being of all her employees earned a great deal of respect from them.

In time Mrs. Patel was able to get some help from her husband Mr Darshan Patel. Together they started offering new line of products. This new line had not only Indian recipes but also Chinese, Thai, Italian and even Mexican offerings. This line, now branded MEALKING™, is a unique line that lends it self to an authentic, all natural, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, international flare whose recipes call for a balance between taste and nutritional wholesomeness. The project, from inception, was always under the guidance and constant supervision from veteran cook friends, family members and founder, Mrs. Hetal Patel.

From the humble beginnings of a home kitchen, to the state-of-the-art production facilities and multiple distribution centers, Mrs. Patel has adhered to the original principles of quality and authenticity following a traditional family code of ethics. The company follows her philosophy and believes that there can be no compromise between people, quality, and innovation. MealKing produces the finest quality foods seeking to provide authentic taste experiences for customers while providing a sound environment and growth opportunities for its employees.

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